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All the best of the last 365 days of Web Heroes

All the best of the last 365 days of Web Heroes

If Spotify has its wrapped too, who are we not to look back on the last heroic year?

The countdown to 2023 has officially started and at last night’s company dinner, between a skewer and a glass of wine, we retraced all the best moments of these last 365 days in the Agency. We tried to sum things up a bit and play with the numbers, to end on a high note. At 8.00 this morning copywriters, graphic designers and social media managers were already at work to ensure that all these moments did not remain just a Christmas dinner chat, but could be shared with those who read us, to celebrate (and celebrate ourselves) this amazing last year.

We tried to make a ranking of the best things that happened this year but, since we were kicked out of the club before we could agree on the ranking, here are the best things that happened in Web Heroes in 2022 in absolute order random!

We have focused on disclosure

On the blog and on social media, this year we started producing informative content and strategic pills for those who are entering the digital world for the first time and want to begin to understand something.

When we tell our customers that producing quality content online is hard work but it always pays off, we speak from experience!

Our newsletter Digital strategy for entrepreneurs on the spot is born

In addition to content on blogs and social networks, we have also begun to share information and advice on web culture in a new newsletter dedicated to entrepreneurs who are not quite on track (in terms of digital strategy) but who they want to become one, because in Web Heroes we don’t forget anyone.

The format is different from the usual Newsletters, but the quality is the same, with the convenience of arriving directly in the inbox of anyone – boomer or not –  wanting to stay updated on the digital world.

Do you want to receive the next episode (in Italian)?

We’ve watched over 300 hours of Marvel movies

Our name betrays our cinematic tastes and this number fills us with pride. They consider that “only” 4 new films were released this year, we made a physical effort worthy of the Hulk and we watched them several times, both the new and the classics, to achieve the result of more than 300 hours of Marvel movies watched by the team (mostly concentrated in marathons during the holidays).

The team has grown and Marta has arrived

At the beginning of the year , Marta, our copywriter, joined the team.

Every day she works together with Davide, our SEO expert, to write all our texts – like this one – and those for our clients, telling exciting stories on any topic.

From mechanics to healthcare, via tourism and the web world, they find the right words for your future customers to find you.

Do you want to challenge them and make them write your lyrics?

“Did you clear your cache?” We average 35 times each

We are online from 8 to 20 hours a day and, every now and then, it can happen that something doesn’t work, that one site loads slowly or another doesn’t open at all. In these cases the solution is always and only one: clean the cache.
It is our mantra, even before “turning it off and on again” we clean the cache, and perhaps perhaps for the next year we’ll even make t-shirts with the fateful phrase “Have you emptied your cache?” (with instructions).

We earned honorable mentions at the Awwwards

The prestigious international Awwward jury has compiled a ranking of the best websites created in 2022 and awarded us the Honorable Mention for the Bonpez 3D website Printing, in recognition of the great talent and effort invested in the creation.

A success we are proud of!

We have become a partner of a certain Google

In 2022 we became Google Partner with an average optimization score of ads equal to 93%, compared to a minimum 70% required. This means that when it comes to sponsoring your business on Google, we’re certified superheroes.

Cate celebrated her first Geburtstag in Berlin

Our junior web designer Caterina celebrated the first birthday of her move to Berlin.

A year ago Cate moved across the Alps to attend the master’s degree course in Communication Design but neither she nor we wanted her to hang up her coat.

Fortunately, in the new post-Covid world smart working is no longer a problem and we have continued to work togetherand now you can mute us when we ask you for graphics without notice .

Over 250 hours of training provided

You may not know it, but at Web Heroes we like to take the lead and in fact we also deal with training, both for companies and individuals. In total, this year we spent over 250 hours in the classroom and online as professors.
In particular, we dedicated ourselves to:

  • in-company training to improve the knowledge of the company figures in the web marketing field;
  • training at our customers for the best management of the tools we have made available;
  • training at 2 high schools as part of the PCTO projects (former school-to-work alternation).

Would you like to participate in one of our courses or would you like personalized training based on your needs?

This was, in short, our best of 2022.
Do you want to work with us for a 2023 full of successes?

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