Copywriting and web writing

Copywriting and web writing

Why Copywriting?

A good copywriter knows how little time a user spends on a website: in that short lack of time it has to draw the attention and invite to discover a specific service, to buy a product or to carry out another particular action.
Originality, creativity and persuasion are therefore the main features that these texts must have.

Web Copywriting: the importance of quality content

Next time you visit a website pay attention to what you do. Maybe you do not realize it but you spend barely only a minute in a website: enter -> scan quickly what appears -> exit.

Unless something catches your attention.
Unless something brings your gaze to linger for a few seconds longer and invites you to learn more about this new reality you have just entered.

Curiosity and the need of satisfaction are the main engines that drive you to go further within a website page.
Informations that you receive during the navigation are what bring you to decide if to do a specific action or close the browser.
If that website gives you no satisfaction or doesn’t give you the information that you are looking for, you just leave it.

A not satisfied user is a lost user, forever.

This is why a copywriter plays a fundamental role in the creation of a website: creating content.
With few and simple words he implants in the users’ mind the seed of curiosity. By providing all the informations they need he leads them to a specific action: the only one action possible to satisfy that desire suddenly born.

Corporate Storytelling: how to tell your company story

Words inform, reveal facts, suggest actions, inspire emotions but, above all, words speak about your company: you have something to tell.
Talking about your company isn’t difficult as it seems, but doing it in order to catch the attention of your interlocutor is really complicated.
That’s why Storytelling is important: storytelling is a powerful tool because it directly involves and stimulates our soul and our mind.
It is something familiar to us, because we grew up with storytelling since our grandmothers put us in bed with fairy tales stories.

By the storytelling we empathize, we excite ourselves and extrapolate the information we believe are useful.

By the Corporate Storytelling the power of narration is used as a tool of corporate communication, in order to inform your customers about the values of your company.

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