Web consultancy in your company and continuous tutoring

Web consultancy in your company and continuous tutoring

Your safe guide through the web

The web provides you with a series of tools and features with enormous potential which, if used at their best, allow you to achieve more than satisfying results.
It’s normal to feel lost in front of the many facets of the world wide web, from websites to eCommerce, Social Networks, newsletters or advertising: that’s why our web consultants are ready to guide you and offer you their assistance directly in your company office.

Thanks to day-by-day web tutoring and constant training, you will acquire the skills to be able to manage in total autonomy all the web tools you will have at your disposal.

Daily training sessions

The training days in the company that we offer you are aimed to achieve a single goal: obtain results autonomously.
Main Social Networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or Mailchimp platform, WordPress or the Google Ads tool offer a wide range of opportunities that must be adapted to your business reality.
Only in this way the Web becomes a powerful marketing tool for your specific business.
Using web tools without proper knowledge of their functions is a waste of time and money.

An example?

Launching a Google Ads or a Facebook advertising campaign can be alluring, simple to set up and with easy results: nothing could be more false!
Without knowledge on how to reach your target, to create persuasive ads and relevant landing pages, these campaigns will turn just into a waste of money. That’s why you need to rely on professionals.

What will you get from our training days?

At the end of our training days in your company, you will be able to:

  • manage your website and eCommerce in total autonomy;
  • manage your Facebook page in the way that best suits your type of business;
  • create performing advertising insertions that bring concrete results;
  • create newsletters that stimulate the interest of your users;
  • manage the various tools in the most appropriate way and organize your work accordingly, saving time and money.
Office time

from monday to friday, 9.30AM to 6PM Rome time