Web Design and website development

Web Design and website development

Functional and easily navigable websites

Depending on the purpose of the project the work of web designers may also include collaboration with other professionals, such as the Graphic Designer (in order to create the graphic appearance of websites or softwares and improve the interface) and the web developer who is responsible for translating into codes what the web designer creates.

The final product results so functional and pleasing, presenting the content in a clear and immediate way in order to be easily used and examined both by users and web search engines.

Responsive websites: mobile first!

68% of users navigate the web through mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) and this percentage is intended to rise.
Ignoring this and developing websites only suitable for desktop is cleary self-defeating.

We design websites starting from their mobile version: responsive websites which fit to every type of screen, from the smallest smartphone to the biggest Smart TV.

In the coming years we will see a progressive increase in users who prefer to surf by smartphone or tablet rather than by their PC. The mobile devices will gradually replace PCs or laptops and we should be prepared.

User experience: fully usable websites

User Experience (UX) define the interaction between the final user and your company, your services and your products. Into the web world the UX designer is therefore interested in improving the user’s satisfaction through an easy-to-use web page and an intuitive, clear and fluid navigation.
Improving the user’s experience is the ultimate goal, offering exactly what the user expects and wants.

We use WordPress. Why WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most used CMS for website development. The 25% of all the web sites currently active on the web is made with WordPress, including prominent websites such as the New York Times, Forbes or CNN: websites that require more than optimal performance, given the amount of traffic they reach.
Wordpress is in fact highly flexible and can be used to create any type of website you want, from a Corporate website for your company to an eCommerce.

Jesse Friedman, author of the Web Designer’s Guide to WordPress, states that “The power of WordPress is simply limited by the person who uses it”.

To be precise, Web Heroes do not use prepackaged WordPress Themes which can be easily and cheaply downloaded from the web but we create our own ones, always new, in order to translate into code the uniqueness and essence of our clients.

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