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10 years of Web Heroes

10 years of Web Heroes

On April 26, 2023 Web Heroes blows out its first 10 candles. We’ve come a long way together and to celebrate – and also make us cry – we asked our copywriter to retrace the steps that have brought us here and create our very own super-heroes saga. Enjoy reading, meanwhile we prepare the handkerchiefs!

The beginning

Paolo “Betto” Bettoncelli and Diego “Mitch” Cagnoni, our founders, met in 2010 in Uncle Pear, the then web unit of the Project Group consulting firm in Brescia. Those were good times: sure, there was Wikileaks but at least the boomers hadn’t invaded Facebook yet.


In 2013 Paolo and Diego have the idea of combining the skills of individual freelancers to try to make a digital company “Brescia-style”, without fluff and with a lot of concreteness or, to put it like a local, a lot of spit and no smoke. There are no lenders behind it but everything is focused on results and growth, if there is any, will always be self-sustained with the results created.


Already after the first year the name Web Heroes starts to circulate, the guys collaborate with various agencies in Brescia, developing their first skills in the field of online branding for luxury furnishings and for the naval-luxury sector. With a top secret customer they also win the Digital Excellence Lombardy Region.


In the first years the team consolidates and always works in smart working, before it was cool! The heroes of the web meet once a week in the bars of the city, and then move the fixed appointment on Friday to the Ikea bar in Roncadelle. They will one day be kicked out of here because they used the electricity that microwaves needed to heat up the famous meatballs.

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There was still no Ikea attentive to young professionals but peace was then made in front of a Pax wardrobe!


In 2016 the Web Heroes Srl officially opens. Diego and Paolo go against all the advice received from friends, relatives and consultants and decide to be equal partners. Sure, it can be risky but they see it as a challenge: they have to find a way to always get along. Spoiler: for now it has been a winning choice, net of a couple of boxing matches that have not generated any victims.


After another period of wandering between different bars, it’s time to make the first small leap in quality, the new Srl requires it.

The heroes finally find a house of their own with an office in Brescia 2, in the public housing.

These are still a bit uncertain years but in the meantime the team consolidates and does not give up, also inspired by the 70s Marvel cartoon that fills the office and becomes an icon.



2018 is the year of change, sealed by an event at the customer’s headquarters Palazzo Novello in Montichiari. Our heroes decide to embark on new paths for the growth and consolidation of the company, breaking new commercial paths and publishing a new website that boosts their image, visits and requests. The uncertainty of the previous years begins to diminish as customers, revenue and team members increase.

wh evento a palazzo novello 2018


2019 starts with a more energetic attitude and customers start to grow considerably. To celebrate Paolo, Diego and the team move into a new office in the Volta area, but not before having experienced the thrill of literally working in a garage, during the move, like the best startups in the Silicon Valley.

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2019 is a year to remember for heroes for two other reasons: a mention in the prestigious Forbes France magazine and the foundation, together with 5 other partners, of Startiamo, an innovative startup that helps develop new business ideas.


2020 doesn’t have time to start that a global pandemic arrives. However, the heroes now have broad shoulders: now everyone, absolutely everyone, understands the importance of an online presence and the company’s loads, requests and notoriety are increasing. Focusing even more on the idea of smart working, the Web Heroes begin a permanent collaboration with the Brianza-based agency Advalorise and Caterina takes off for Berlin.


Towards the end of the pandemic there is something new, the first children arrive and a few hours of sleep are lost. In order not to miss even one delivery, however, Paolo and Diego decide to further expand the team, reaching the magical number of 10 people, and also buy a new coffee machine. Always be praised!


2022 flew by very fast: the heroes started many new projects, provided more than 250 hours of specialized training to companies on the most important web marketing topics, from SEO to social media, and created new partnerships, such as the one with Google.



As the title of the article suggests, 2023 is the year in which Web Heroes blows out its first 10 candles and, although the year is not even halfway through yet, the first gifts have already arrived. Once the mantle was worn, the heroes took flight into space (and into society) but for now we can’t say more, so stay tuned.


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