Graphic Design, brand identity and visual communication

Graphic Design, brand identity and visual communication

Graphic Design: creativity and efficiency

The main responsibility of a Graphic Designer is to arrange the visual elements in the clearest and most functional way, taking care of offering his experience in the technical and artistic direction during all the phases of the creation of a product or brand identity.

The importance of communication for your company

The success of your business is strongly influenced by the development of a clear, coherent and defined image.

The development of a strong communication defines the perception of your company to the imagination of your customers and helps to create a positive reputation around it.

The way your company is perceived depends strongly on how it appears in the market: it is the image you want to show outside and is one of the most significant aspects of your company.

A strong and original communication gives you the chance to rise from the competition, differentiate yourself and offer the best vision of your world in the customer’s imagination.

How can Web Heroes help you developing your image?


Your success starts here. In fact, the name is the most decisive aspect: it defines your business and makes it unique and unmistakable.
The work of naming is important both for your company and for the products and services that it offers. That’s why it must be a strong, decisive name, capable to create curiosity in the customer as much as to resist over time.
It is essential to stand out from competition.

Logo Design

The brand of your company is an unshakable mark that acquires more and more importance as time passes. It represents everything that your business is and wants to be.
It is the face of your company: it is what your clients think immediately of when hearing your name. Thanks to colors and special characters it is the vehicle of essential information about your company, identifies it and makes it unique.

Digital design

Digital design concerns the declination of your brand identity within digital tools, from traditional media to photography or digital art. The aim of digital design is visual communication, a constant dialogue between your brand and the user.
It is functional to the distribution of a specific message and to the generation of interactivity and engagement with users.

Brand Identity and coordinated image

A well-designed brand identity goes beyond just creating a logo. A brand identity communicates your services, offers promises and expectations to your customers.
It is a fundamental factor to create trust and connection with those who decide to benefit from your services.

Editorial design

The design of catalogs, brochures and advertising pages has achieved considerable importance, especially nowadays when online competition has become increasingly aggressive. Communication through these media must therefore be entrusted to real experts, in order to obtain the best results.

Design of posters and paybill

Exhibitions, events and special happenings must be properly advertised to achieve success. Posters and playbill are therefore an essential element for any campaign. Our experts know the best solutions to offer an excellent support in organizing your events.

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