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Behind the masks

Behind the masks

The Web Heroes are a alliance of web creatives , each with their own unique powers, specializations and experiences.

We are a web consulting company based in Brescia that deals with digital communication and web strategy: we take care of the problems and challenges you may encounter in the changing world of the web, in a period in which the web has become the main channel of contact with its customers.

We believe in the continuous progress of digital communication, in the discovery of new techniques and in the constant search for new ways to tell your company.

This is why we always offer you unique solutions , focused on a concrete and profound understanding of your business reality.

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Diego Cagnoni

Co-founder, Developer Hero

Grown up with the X-Men and MMORPG, today he’s a binge watcher. He takes care of analysis, strategy and user experiences.

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Paolo Bettoncelli

Co-founder, Account Hero

Years and years of Age of Empires 2 turned him into a wizard of strategy and analysis.

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Davide Gasparetti

Content Hero

Programming Analyst with years of experience in management and development of innovative projects in various business areas.

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Paolo Carini

Art director

He only goes to sleep when he has achieved his goal in everything his eyes see: aesthetic perfection.
He is our Art director and Graphic designer and he is the one who is dedicated to your corporate image.

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Luca Carli

Multimedia Hero

Professional photographer and a passionate nomad. It is hard for him to stay longer than 2 months in the same place, due to his unstoppable curiosity.

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Silvia Belotti

Photo Heroine

She is our photographer and video maker specialized in still life, which allows her to give creative attention to her care of the smallest details.

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Paola Cagna

Junior Web Designer

Multifaceted and always curious, she manages to whip up the heroic climate with sharp jokes and always on point. It is our bridgehead on the European market and manages the WH office in Berlin.

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Caterina Marini


Precise, punctual and determined. These are the adjectives that best represent our super copywriter, who always manages to find the right words to describe the your story. Knowing how to give a voice to a brand or a project is not for everyone, that’s why we looked for the best!

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Marta Bizioli


In Web Heroes it is the midfield metronome that controls all possible and imaginable deadlines.

Office time

from monday to friday, 9.30AM to 6PM Rome time