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Web Heroes has won the Netty Award: discover the project.

Web Heroes has won the Netty Award: discover the project.

We are extremely proud to announce that your favorite team of heroes has won the Netty Award for the Best UI Design category: an acknowledgment that rewards the hard work done by our team for Le Logge Mantova

The Netty Awards, directly from New York, celebrate the most interesting and innovative projects in the international digital landscape, honoring the best web agencies in over 100 distinct categories and establishing a benchmark for excellence in the world of the web.

It’s a testament to the creativity, innovation, and technical skill demonstrated by the Heroes who worked on this project, and whom we are happy to personally thank: Diego (development), Simone (design), Davide (copywriting), and Laltropaolo (art direction).

Our project Le Logge Mantova represents innovative work in the field of User Interface Design. The Le Logge Mantova website is an example of how modern web technologies can be used to create a high-quality website, both aesthetically and functionally. The site, entirely custom-made, is based on React, Gatsby JS, and Tailwind CSS. React components were used to create smooth scrolling animations and to manage all interactive components of the site, such as tabs, galleries, modals, and the contact form. In addition to React components, the Le Logge Mantova website also utilizes Tailwind CSS for styling, contributing to a consistent and modern design for the website, facilitating CSS code customization and maintenance.

The winners of the Netty Awards are selected based on a series of factors including creativity, technical expertise, innovation, and overall excellence in their respective fields. We are thrilled by this recognition and honored by the constant support and complete trust that our clients have demonstrated throughout all stages of the work leading to the realization of the Le Logge Mantova website.

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