Creation of website and Corporate Video

Protim is a company specialized in vacuum PVD coatings. In addition to the website, we dedicated ourselves to the creation of the corporate video, which was then used for the header on the Homepage.

The main challenge involved us in the making of the corporate video, from which we extrapolated a few seconds to use as an introduction to the website.
The homepage captures the user's attention thanks to the embedded video and guides him to navigate the website through the two main brands of Protim.
On the other section of the website we focused on the variety of services offered and available finishes made by Protim machinery.
Another important section of the website concerns the industrial sectors. Protim manufactures PVD-PECVD coatings for various sectors, from optics to automotive. A still life photo shoot was created for this page.
Office time

from monday to friday, 9.30AM to 6PM Rome time