Pasini | Italian Luxury Handles

Pasini | Italian Luxury Handles

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Pasini è dal 1952 un’azienda italiana di produzione di maniglie. Pur basando i propri valori nella tradizione valsabbina, con un solido radicamento nel territorio e nella tradizione valsabbina, vanta una creazione artigianale e di design italiano ricercata in tutto il mondo.
Il nostro progetto è volto a risaltare questi aspetti.

Pasini is an Italian company of handles and pull handles, since 1952. While the bond to  land and tradition is the founding value ​​of the company, the craftsmanship and production of customized handles are the leading characteristics.
The results are products with a clear Italian design in all theirs aspects.
Corporate video

The Corporate Video was born from the need of the Client to show its own values: the main thread is the realization of a single custom made handle: how does an idea come to life? The main steps are here characterized by evocative scenes, enhanced by special shots and sound choices. We carried on the storytelling and the mood of the video.
Brand Values | Logo Restyling

Made in Italy Symbol 

Corporate website

The website is a veritable catalog of all the products that Pasini can offer, divided into the main lines. Colors and images, accompanied by emotional texts, want to emphasize the craftsmanship and preciousness of these luxury handles. 


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