askPinocchio fake news detection AI system campaign

askPinocchio fake news detection AI system campaign

Campagna di lancio per interception degli early adopters

askPinocchio è un software per rilevare fake news online realizzato da un pool di ricercatori universitari divisi tra Svizzera, Italia e Stati Uniti e doveva raggiungere 500 utenti early bird in 1 mese per testare la piattaforma e ottimizzarla.

askPinocchio is an Italian software for detecting online fake news by a pool of University researchers divided between Switzerland, Italy and the United States.
The software is built on an artificial intelligence with a self-learning machine learning algorithm that allows the verification of a news, through its link, and the classification of the same in macro scopes (true, hoax, false, notoriously controversial subject, etc. ..).
Web Heroes was contacted to achieve the goal of reaching 500 early bird users in 1 month to test the platform and optimize it. We launched micro-advertising campaigns through Facebook advertising in order to outline the behavior of different types of possible users.
We created obviously fake clickbait-titled news in order to gain immediate interest in the Facebook flow.
We analyzed the users behaviours and we tested their platform usage.
We achieved the target of the campaign in half of the time expected during the strategy definition phase.​​​​​​​
Thanks to the data collected, the website and the machine learning engine are now under develop for further improvement.

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