Restyling sito web con video corporate

Ailux è un’azienda specializzata in hardware e software utilizzati nei sistemi di comunicazione e connessione digitale. Il vecchio sito web di cui si dotava l’azienda non era adeguato a rispondere alle esigenze dei clienti, pertanto ci siamo occupati del restyling, con qualche nota creativa.

The homepage introduces the user to the website, involving him at first glance thanks to a video in the background in the header.
At the heart of the website is the section relating to the sectors: Ailux software and hardware can in fact be connected to communication systems used for the automation of oil & gas systems, electrical substations or thermal power stations. Each sector was then described through a dedicated page, in order to help the user navigate the website.
Each page of the website is also connected to all the others with internal links and preview boxes. Just as the Ailux software and hardware can be combined according to the customer's particular needs, so the web pages of the website are constantly referring to each other.
About the copy, we used, in parallel with a technical language, quotes taken from science fiction films, pronounced by robots, androids or AI.
The aim was to create in the user's imagination the idea that the communication systems designed by Ailux are small artificial intelligences: creatures rather than creations.
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