Digital strategy Paolo Bettoncelli

digital strategy & account manager
Information engineer and digital strategy

Age of Empires 2 has marked his chronic dependence on strategy video games. Medieval history and heraldry lover, he is concerned with analysis, digital strategy, SEO and social media marketing. He practices Krav maga, but does not know how you have to hold a fork. Its mission is to make things work. He left a cousin in London, so he often travels back and forth from Italy to the UK.

Developer Nicola Zonaro

Coding hero

Analyst programmer with years of experience in management and development of innovative projects in different business areas.

He develops.

SEO copywriter Davide Gasparetti

SEO copywriter & content strategist   Philosophy graduation and SEO copywriter experiences   From the specialization in Philosophy Bioethics in Padua up to the stage in a communications agency in Berlin, passing through an English one, the step was short. Former football player and fiddler serial guitar, deals with content strategy, seo and copywriting. Passionate about science fiction films and british comedy, he mixes the social media strategy to piano lessons and Benni novels.

Web Developer Diego Cagnoni

web developer & communication strategist Economics and Communication Management graduation Grown up with X-Men and MMORPG, now he devours TV series. He studied as a web developer, then architecture, but in the end he graduated in economics and communication management. He is dedicated to frontend web development, websites analysis, strategy and user experience design. He has a great passion for the art of the enigmatic M.C. Escher.

Elena Dalia

Graphic design
Graphic and communication design & Master in Arts

Her work is influenced by Sailor Moon and the Bauhaus teachings: design, structure, the beauty of simplicity and essentials. Hardworking, proactive, and fonts lover... literally! Instead of sleeping, she spends her nights creating new fonts, just for fun.

Marketing specialist – Francesca Gattone

Marketing sherpa
School of Management

Marketing specialist with love for innovation and new technologies. Always trying to improve herself, especially creating new ideas for her beloved tattoos.




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